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Alice in Water Land, Inc. started after having concerns of my own to have more control over the quality of drinking water I provide for my family. .  The enormous amounts of data and information on this environmental problems that bottled water is causing to our world have me excited to have a solution.  Using tap water causes ZERO environmental damage.  Point of use coolers use tap water and turns it into better than bottled for pennies a gallon.  The water filters are 100% recyclable and leave absolutely no pollution for our children and work at filtering out and reducing what harms us and makes us sick.

E-coli, herbicides, pesticides, fecal matter, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, cryptosporidiums and giardia and dangerous other stuff are eliminated with carbon/ 1.0micron filters and ˝ micron carbon filters.   They are the most widely used in filtering water and basically are a monopoly on all other types of water filters.  The market is very confusing and is cluttered with many products.  I feel, I have chosen the best products for the masses, are affordable and work.

I only deal with state-of-art products I've specially selected to provide the highest level of quality and performance at an affordable price. This is the key to satisfied customers.

We directly buy from the manufacture. All our products are specialized in point of use filtration. The phrase, point-of-use, means filtering the water right at the point in which you drink it. 

We have been in business for 12 years, since 2003.   It took several years of looking around, researching different products and attending trade show before I bought my first products and starting selling.  This is Alice In Water Land and we continue to research and implement the latest cutting-edge technology to our customers while providing affordable environmental friendly products.

Water coolers are manufactured in South Korea

We are a proud members of the 
Environment Heritage Center.

2012 Family Fest By Kroger

Feb 10-11th, 2011 at Cobb Galleria Atlanta, Georgia

This event was great success! The exposure for our business and traffic I received was outstanding. As, filtering your own water becomes more widely known, Remember Alice In Water Land for all you water system product needs. 

THANK YOU America!!!

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